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Chrome & Acrylic Dentures

Chrome dentures and Acrylic dentures are used in specific areas, when there are large areas of missing teeth.
They all bring back your smile and confidence.

The loss of your teeth can have negative effects on your self-confidence, your ability to chew food and your bite.
Since your teeth provide structure and support to your cheeks, tooth loss can result in the sagging of your cheeks and make you appear older than you are. It is essential that your missing teeth are replaced as soon as possible.

Dentures are removable replacements for your teeth, designed to look and function like your own natural teeth
and surrounding gum tissues. Modern-day dentures can look very realistic and natural and feel comfortable.

When all your teeth are missing, a complete denture is used to replace them, whereas if only a few teeth need replacing, a partial denture or overdenture is used. Partial dentures can prevent your existing healthy teeth from shifting following tooth loss.

Dentures are generally fabricated from acrylic resins. With advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, there are a wide variety of materials available for dentures, including chrome dentures and the latest flexible Valplast cosmetic dentures.

For a more retentive option Implants or Mini-Implants can be used to secure your dentures.


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