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For a smile that will make you feel transformed First impressions count. So imagine if every time you smiled you had 100% confidence that your teeth were as straight and as sparkling as a movie star. With dental veneers, now you can. By choosing veneers - wafer-thin, specially shaped porcelain pieces that attach to the…
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Dental Bridges Custom-made solutions that last for years. A dental bridge is used to bridge a gap (missing teeth) between healthy teeth. Teeth on either side of the gap are reshaped and reduced in size. These then act as anchors, or abutments. The bridge is attached to these anchor teeth - filling the missing tooth…
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Strengthening your teeth, improving their appearance. You should consider a dental crown if you’re looking to protect damaged, cracked and worn teeth. A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that is placed over a tooth covering it to improve its appearance and to restore its shape, size and strength. A dental crown covers your…
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Teeth Whitening

Now you can smile again! Because of your insecurity over the colour of your teeth, are you reluctant to smile? Do you refuse to appear on photographs? Do you feel uneasy about laughing at a joke? Would you like to have a beautiful smile instead? If the answer is yes to any of these questions,…
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